What is a Bullet Journal? How to Use it?

Bullet Journal

Wouldn’t things be really simple if we could do manage all our tasks using just one journal rather than handling many? Keeping track of multiple notebooks for each and every specific kind of task is tedious and exhausting and further clutters ours mind unnecessarily. So, this brings us to a new system of journal keeping which promises to keep our personal organisation related issues at bay. So, wondering what is a bullet journal all about? Read it below:

What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal (BuJo) is an effective method to organize your to-do lists, reminders, scheduling, brainstorming and every other important tasks — all in one notebook, rather than having to keep multiple notebooks. It helps you de-clutter your mind by keeping track of all your goals and tasks in one designated space.

Who Developed this Personal Organizing System?

This all-new and inclusive personal organising system or method was developed by designer Ryder Carroll. According to New Yorker magazine, Ryder states:

“It’s helpful to have one source of truth. That’s what the Journal is for me.”

The Bullet Journal Companion App 2


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