I was surfing the internet looking for ways to read free manga online reader when I stumbled upon some really good options. When it comes to Japanese manga, it’s difficult to distinguish between official English translations from fan-made. Manga comics weren’t officially translated into English nor was it available digitally, for a long time. This resulted in the rise of “scanlations” where the original Japanese manga was scanned and translated by fans in speech bubbles. Things have changed for the better ever since. There are some official websites and apps that one can use as a needle pointer around the vast dial clock of manga cartoons.

If you are wondering where to read manga online reader, there are many good cost-effective options available on the internet for a good read. For example: Anime planet, Shonen Jump, Manga Reader, Bookwalker, Chrunchyroll, Comixology and more.

Listed below are the best websites & apps to read manga legally, free of cost!

How to Read Free Manga Online?

1. Where to Find Anime Planet?

Best Review Platform 
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Cost: Free of cost

Anime Planet is a review based website that functions by the reviews of fans made for fellow fans. This website allows you to find or post reviews of any given series, thereby allowing people to make their selective picks by choice. Here you will find three to four episodes/ chapters of every series which you can view first before making your selective purchase. Make no hasty decisions, because they have a plethora of titles to offer. You will still have to complete a series on another website, leaving you with a clear idea of your taste in manga, in case you are also just checking the waters for yourself. 

2. What is Shonen Jump?

Best Manga Magazine
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Cost: Per series
Download: Shonen Jump for Android | iOS (Download app for free)

‘WSJ’ also known as Weekly Shonen Jump, is a popular manga magazine amongst manga and anime fans. It is also, by far, the best one in the field of Japanese manga. They have a new digital avatar that unravels each episode with high digital quality and English translations that are deservedly a fan favourite.

With the free version, you can avail upto a quarter part of any given series and then, suited to your taste you can land a purchase. This allows enough flexibility for anyone especially the newbies and sceptics who are still testing the waters just given the plethora of options. 

A monthly subscription will unlock the Shonen Jump vault of over 10,000 chapters across a range of titles.

3. Is Comicwalker a Manga Reader?

Free Legal Manga
Platforms: Web
Cost: Free
Download: Android | iOS

Kadokawa is one among the biggies, when it comes to manga publishers in Japan. Fed up with all the scanlations back in the day, the company decided to launch a brand new website for reading online comics for free, that is, ComicWalker. What could be better? 

However, with all things free comes the preference of choice. Not all popular titles are available, here, but you can still access many. You can use the app without signing in but registering with them will add some cool features like creating a library of your favourite names and being notified as soon as a new issue is published. ComicWalker is a notable brand for its no-strings-attached policy. It is a safe website to choose if all you want to do is read manga without any fee commitments.

4. What is Bookwalker?

Kindle Store For Manga
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Cost: Per Book

BookWalker is a one-stop official e-bookstore for manga and light novels fans. It was started by Kadokawa, and the service includes all popular publishers including Kodansha, Viz and Yen. Basically this is very much like the Kindle store. 

Download the BookWalker app on your mobile device or go to their website on your browser. Browse categories, genres, publishers or authors. Pick any series, pay the amount and it’s added to your BookWalker catalog for all eternity.

BookWalker is a manga app for its one-size-fits-all interface. Also, a library of those original covers looks pretty sweet.

5. How Crunchyroll Good?

Netflix For Anime And Manga
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Cost: Monthly/yearly subscription, 14 Day Free Trial
Download: Android | iOS

Just like Netflix or Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll delivers new episodes post an hour of its release in Japan. Apart from having unlimited access to its vast library of contents and streaming on multiple devices at any time, you can choose the 14 day free trial by registering a payment that will only be debited on the 15th day from your date of purchase.

Streaming on desktop, mobile, gaming consoles and other streaming devices like iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and PS4, they promise you the best and they surely deliver it. Save your comics on the app to create your favourite list, bookmark multiple series at once and zoom in and out of each chapter for the best virtual experience. Their high quality and user interface keeps them a notch above every leading name in the manga business.

6. How to Read Comixology & Comixology Unlimited?

ComiXology Manga Catalog
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
Cost: Per issue
Download: ComiXology for Android | iOS (Free)

ComiXology is now the best source to read digital comics on any platform. With its globally recognised titles and a major fan following for the most of its collection, Comixology makes for a reliable website and app for reading free manga, too. Explore the bountiful collection in their free section and you’ll be amazed. 

The ComiXology Unlimited subscription gives you access to a vast collection of comics for a one-time flat fee, which means you pay per issue, very much like Crunchyroll. Comixology is now an Amazon company which makes orders feasible if you are an Amazon shopper. 

The websites listed above are the best places to read manga online today. But it’s worth considering how you want to consume your favorite book via apps. Manga is generally black and white and makes for good storytelling, therefore, can be virtually enjoyed at the touch of your fingertips. That brings us to..

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