Top Open Mic Night Venues in Mumbai, India

Open Mic Venues in Mumbai, India
Open Mic Nights Venues in Mumbai

Open Mic Nights have become a more common topic of gossip these days in Mumbai and other parts of the city. There is a growing number of venues opening up and associating with creative platforms to make room for amateur singers, spoken word poets, comics, storytellers, and rappers.

Be it poetry slam, story-telling, stand-up comedy, singing or some improv – everything deserves to be seen and heard. And, this is where Open Mic scoops in: with club and cafe owners from all across Mumbai bringing in gigs to all enthusiasts to showcase their talents. I have listed a few major venues that hold Open Mic Nights in Mumbai:

1. The Canvas Laugh Club, Lower Parel:

CLC is the permanent home …correct me… workstation for many comedians. Even the well-known comedians in India try to run regular gigs in Canvas Laugh Club. They hold Open Mic Nights once every week on Monday.

It is the only place in Mumbai that keeps comedy gigs every single night and all night long. And as the food recommendation goes, try out their Chicken shish taouk and paneer chilly while still laughing your bellies out.

2. Prithvi Theatre Cafe, Juhu:

Caferati organizes open mic on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in the Prithvi Theatre Café. The event allows poets, stand-ups comedians, and singers as well as dances to showcase their talent within a limited window of few minutes.

This cozy and friendly café is attached to the Prithvi theatre. If you have visited this place, do not leave without having their famous Sulemani chai.

3. The Hive, Khar:

An attempt to put in creative minds together under one shelf has always been one of the sole mottoes of The Hive. Since past six years, it has been providing a considerable amount of space and time for open mic nights, alongside all the creative workshops it conducts.

One of India’s longest running series of open mics ‘Big Mic’ is also hosted here along with improv comedy shows by shoq, Marathi Spoken Word event, Stand ups and more. ‘The Hive Diaries’ open mic night is held every 2nd Tuesday of the month with each and every nights themed differently than the previous.

4. The Bandra Base:

The Bandra Base is essentially the first culture club in Bombay to bring in artists with fresh ideas and take in music, dance, theatre, film, and mixed media arts.

The Bandra Base keeps Comedy Open Mic Night for the new and upcoming Comics in town. There is no judge’s panel as such, so the act is basically decided upon audience reaction and applause.

Among a few other places that deserve some mention, Mumbai’s first microbrewery brewpub ‘The Braking Deer’ in Lower Parel keeps Chalta Hai comedy open mic nights. There are plenty of venues out there that serve a good purpose for open mic nights.

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