A Comprehensive List of Bizzare Festivals in the World

When you hear about some of the weirdest festivals around the world, you begin to wonder whether they actually exist. In a way that it contests the best of reel life scenarios, some real-life festivals and rituals are as mysterious as the unsolved mystery of the universe. Right from piercing oneself to roasting ducks, to carrying frozen corpses to throwing and tossing live animals and birds, the world is a crazy place to live in!

1. Spanish Goat-Tossing: 

For starters, let’s talk about a barbaric goat-tossing festival from the Spanish village of Manganeses De La Polvorosa from Spain’s Zamora province. Throwing a live goat from the top of a church is practised in a rural hamlet deep inside Spain. This festival, practised with fervour by local villagers every fourth of January, has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. From being outrageously cruel to innocent animals and deriving sadistic pleasure by re-enacting the accidental fall of a goat from a church, this festival definitely faces the flak from animal lovers all around the world.

2. Konaki Sumo: 

As the name suggests, it is a sumo wrestling fight. But with a twist. The sumo wrestlers will have tiny tots in their hands and have to be precautious against any injury being inflicted to any of the children. The wrestler whose baby cries first loses the battle!

3. Bolas De Fuego: 

The El Salvadoran festival that depicts annihilation by fire is weird because people re-enact a volcanic eruption by throwing flame rags at each other.

4. The Burning Tar Barrel Festival: 

The silent town of Devon in England come together every 5th of November to carry lit tar barrels on their backs. The night, popularly known as the Guy Fawkes Night is being celebrated for hundreds of years.

5. Codename Redneck:

Humiliated by the racism they were subjected to during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, a group of rednecks decided to come up with a festival including weird games like armpit serenades and toilet seat throwing.

6. Gory-Goose Pulling Festival: 

In some parts of the Netherlands and Germany, a live goose is pulled from poles or wires

Until the poor thing’s head comes off. This was started to commemorate the liberation from the Arabs in the early 1100s.

6. Tossing Tunas:

If you are in for tossing large tunas for fun, you must attend the ‘Tunarama’ festival held every year in Australia.

8. Oink, it’s Peppa Pig! 

For the local residents of the French hamlet Trie Sur Baise, the sty simply doesn’t stink. Also because it is the biggest bacon/pig meat market of the country, the small village from France boasts about and hosts the biggest pig festival annually. That’s real banking on the pigs.

9. Something Fishy: 

The Nigerian Argungu festival is mettle to prove your worth by catching the biggest river in the fish with bare hands yes you heard it right! Bare Hands! Interesting, isn’t it?

10. The Spanish Bull Run: 

Pamplona Bull Run is Spain’s annual bull-running festival where thousands of curious onlookers from across the world get to see beefy monsters running through an ocean of festival-frenzied men. Some get permanently injured, some die. It is definitely not for the weak hearted!

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