Before starting the explanation, I can tell that something about both the designations piqued your interest. Either you’re a graphic designer or either inclined towards illustration. Do you enjoy graphic designing or illustrate with mediums like watercolours or pencils, pens or maybe using a WACOM? Or are you an illustrator who designs business infographics and earns their living? It is not uncommon for people to be confused about the two. This post will help you spot the major and minor differences also marking the similarities each post demands as a Graphic designer or Illustrator. Because both of them are separate roles altogether. 

Who is an Illustrator?

The ones who create illustrations of art pieces used for packaging of products or illustrating childrens’ books or any illustrated book for that matter are Illustrators. An illustration conveys story through text and images. It conveys messages through the illustration of art.

Graphic Designer :
Graphic Designers convey their message by creating visual art. They are taught the psychology of colours and more to convey a small or big message through their visuals. 

Responsibilities of Illustrators and Graphic Designers

Both Illustrator and Graphic Designers are trained. They know how to make the best of their artwork and serve their clients best. No artist wants to compromise with their work, however circumstances may demand differently. 

Designers who are into the field of Graphic Designing serve the clients with visuals which are digitally based so that they can fulfil the needs of their customers, clients and employers usually those who are involved in magazines, advertising and websites. They prefer to work in offices, studios. Whereas Illustrators prefer to draw rather than working or text and images. Illustrators can prefer to work from home also they can work in any company or studios. 

Illustrators :
They are considered as the fine artists who prefer to work with clients and employers who want their art to be published in publications or films. They paint and draw images which are really creative. Artwork of illustrators is submitted usually to the magazines, publications, books, etc. Also they can be printed stationery products and wrapping paper. Often, illustrators use different software programs while working with digital illustrations. They can simply draw, scan and upload. Most new age illustrators work on digital tablets there’s more scope to illustrations in 2D Animation, graphic manga and likewise careers.

Illustrators put in dedication and hard work every day. They are committed and more discipled given their line of career.

Graphic Designer :

Graphic designing can be done by a single individual. The work of a Graphic designer is to mix images and text smartly to manipulate the attention of the consumer. They use special softwares to design. Graphic designing ideally demands creating brochures, magazines, logos, advertisements, etc. They work closely with the creative team and copywriters. They prefer working in offices, indoors, studios. In case they are not able to complete their given project before the deadline then they have to work overtime by adding more hours so that they can complete their given work before the deadlines.

The given below points represents how work is performed by the Illustrators and Graphic designers – 

Illustrators :

  1. An Illustrator is someone who uses software programs to create illustrations. 
  2. A method or type of element which is based on visuals is implied by the illustrations. 
  3. The Illustrator who is modern basically uses vector based softwares to create, render artwork. 
  4. There are also some illustrators who use tablets and pen tools. Few others illustrate on paper and scan the image. 
  5. Illustration has a potential to express and convey emotions and feelings through the artwork.
  6. Illustrators create artwork for the books, magazines, pictures, print materials, mainly they include paper which is used for wrapping and greeting cards.
  7. Light, shadows and colours are used by the Illustrators in order to create two dimensional images. Most of the Illustrators are very specific or we can say that they are specialized in drawing a particular type of drawing. They take projects on a freelance basis for many industries and companies.

Graphic Designers :

  1. Graphic designers design their projects in such a manner that it is communication with the people. Their way of designing is very realistic.
  2. Their way of designing is so realistic and communicative that it solves the problem of communication. 
  3. The job of a graphic designer is to combine text and images in that manner that communicates with the people and tries to convey a message to the people.
  4. They create a variety of objects such as products, materials, commercial clients displays.
  5. They also create logos for business, packaging and promotional displays or visual design of the literature of the company.
  6. They also work with publications. They develop the layout design for the magazines, books, newspapers,etc, projects based on multimedia, Interactive media and web pages. 

Now let us see the Education requirements, salary structure if you are looking to get into the field of Illustrator or Graphic designing  – 

Title of a jobRequirements of educationSalary structureGrowth expected from (2021-2028).
IllustratorDiploma in High school; post secondary education is very common$ 50,500 (for all the artist who are fine)1% (for all the artist who are fine)
Graphic Designer Bachelor’s Degree $ 52,0003%

Graphic designers and illustrators can work together in certain cases. In most of the places graphic designers need help from Illustrators. The Graphic designer needs an image and that project is assigned to the Illustrator and the graphic designer decides how the image can be used in that particular layout.

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