Romeo & Juliet Wouldn’t Be Together If They Used These Dating Apps

If Romeo and Juliet lived in today’s time, and if they were be using these dating apps – only God knows if they would even be together. Too many options for too many people – almost all looking for someone. Not just a company, some people have deluded themselves to believe that they can find their soulmates. Some have, but come on, just look at the probality of 10000000 to 1 happening.

If Romeo dated many girls and if Juliet did the same, would they be together. May be, yes, for a while. And maybe, not at all. Who knows? If they would be both materialistic in nature, would they survive in a relationship with each other and for how long?

Dating Apps Are Getting So Popular These Days, And So Many, God damn!

If you have stumbled upon this article, it must be either an accident, or your head must be really in the game. There was a time when one dating app could do the game. Now, with the growing boom in the app industry and increasing amount of users wanting a hub for their kind, more variety of dating apps have surfaced on the market to service all types of demographics, groups, and orientations. Each app provides something unique and different than the other. I have listed below such apps that have taken the dating world into a complete frenzy.

Top 9 Dating Apps For Android and iOS Users in 2017

Coffee Meets Bagel (Android, iOS):

Feel afraid or awkward to meet a complete stranger? The CMB app resolves it by sending you a match sharing mutual Facebook friends. They send you a “bagel” everyday, and you get 24 hour to like it or pass it along. If both the users like each other, a private chat opens up allowing both the users to make further conversation. There is also a paid service within app called “beans’, which is like a virtual currency; purchasing it will unlock a feature that allows you to view the mutual friends of your match.

Tinder (Android, iOS):

Take all the snap judgmental calls – ‘swipe them left and right’, if that’s how you like to roll, kudos to you, the app encourages you to do exactly that. Put down five of your most ‘cost-heavy’ photographs, add your bio, and you are good to go, to ride the ‘Highway To Hell’. The app puts together the singles in your area, so swipe left to decline and right to accept based on whose profile you like. If the swipe matches, you are lucky to try to woo them on the chat. Some new feature update includes GIF messaging and ‘like‘ chat messages.

Happn (Android, iOS):

Ever wanted to know people who were always around you though way of fate? Happn checks people who have crossed paths with you in real life – how often they have been around you – in the nearby or same place and time. You also get to like them privately while still maintaining anonymity as their proximity to you will be notified on the timeline. It offers this in-app purchase named “Charm” that you can use to show the person that you like them. Same like Tinder, if both the users like each other, a dialogue box opens up between both of them for making further conversations.

OkCupid (Android, iOS):

Besides viable user base, Instagram Sync, personality trivia, few other features, and of course its popular messaging tool, OKCupid also keeps adding new and updating old features, one such example is the “Flavors” feature that allows potential matches to be categorized in flavours such as World Travellers, Beard Lovers, Kinky Nerds, etc. It also comes with a premium subscription plan that provides better search tools and lets you track users you like you.

Hinge (iOS: $10.99/month):

Hinge cuts down much of its gaming ‘thingie’, focussing more on important conversations and relationships. Hinge’s new interface provides a profile to fill with one’s pictures and stories. Users can then choose to like and comment on something in that profile. Each day, you can check out new recommendations, as well as see people who have liked something in your profile. The only downside to it is that you gotta spends some bucks to use it.

PlentyOfFish (Android, iOS):

What PlentyOfFish is one of the most popular free dating app, with over 70 million user base. You will need to put basic information and then hit the search button to see find matches and message them. They have added a feature called VoIP calling for premium members and Instagram image uploads and Chat Heads for Android users.

Grindr (Android, iOS):

Grindr is an app developed for users of gay and bisexual orientation. Enter your username, profile pic, choose a “Tribe” that describes your type, and you are good to go. The free version of Grindr has advertisement despite being free, however, Grindr Xtra, its paid version, gives ad-free browsing, great search filters, and option for selecting multiple Tribes. Grindr Xtra provides push notification; the free version does not provide you with that support, which is kinda sad though. (Android, iOS):’s offers two types of dating experience. Free users can avail setting up profiles, uploading photographs, and send “winks“, however features such checking your profile viewers and profiles who have liked you – is reserved for its subscription scheme. They have updated features such as integration Apple Watch and Android Wear as well as Mixers like Tinder.

Once (Android, iOS):

Once is made on the similar lane to Coffee Meets Bagel. However, it has one feature that allows seeing attraction based on your own heart rate. This app needs to be synced with FitBit in order to activate and perform the above mentioned activity to tracking heart rate.

I hope this ‘Top 9 Dating Apps For Android and iOS users in 2017’ guides you to choose a relevant dating app. There are few other apps, but the one mentioned above is a cut above the rest, plus it fulfils most of what you are looking for in a dating app. I have hand-picked them personally, and I hope you guys make the most of it. I have excluded specific iOS app on purpose, so in order to cater suggestion for both the Android and iOS users.

Comment below with what you think would have happened to Romeo and Juliet, if they would have fallen into the whole dating frenzy — with so many options to choose from that one could not even be sincere to one person, completely. Suggest your hypothetical situations below. Let’s see who comes up with the best answers.

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