Wouldn’t it be really neat to be able to ‘Hide Posts Without Deleting Them On Instagram’ Well Instagram Will Soon Avail This Feature To All!!

Only True Instagramers such as passionate Artists, Photographers, Illustrators, etc. can understand the real importance of right selection of photographs and videos on ones Instagram Profile. Dedicated usets are pretty certain of the importance of having a perfectly curated profile on Instagram.

Well, this is going to be all possible as the update might soon hit all the profiles and be availed to all. Deleting hard earned photographs on Instagram profile is difficult because memories of that time are attached to it. However, it might for many be a hindrance as it might impact the feel of the profile and might project something else. This update will change all that for good.

This new feature will allow you to move your selected posts to a new section where it will be stored and safe, but won’t appear in the profile giving you a more desired and curated feel. Quite similar to this was the feature that allowed you to bookmark photographs – and privately save them.

“We have always been testing new ways to enhance the whole Instagram experience,” an Instagram spokesperson said in a recent statement.

You can re-share the photographs to your profile. Many people have received this feature even though it is still under test at present. We are not quite sure when they will officially launch this feature.

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