The War Began: Android Vs iOS?

The world is still waiting for a knockout victory between the two heavy weight contenders, Android and iOS.

Well, there is no universal factor deciding whether Android is more of an alpha dog than iOS or vice versa. However on the surface, factors such as open platform, more numbers and types of phones running, more apps and games at service with opportunities for users to choose from — all give an upper hand to Android as a platform.

But iOS does not shy away either from pushing the envelop and from providing apps and games worth your valuable time. Cross-platform issue does make iOS users suffer at times due to compatibility issues. However, if one does not shy away from shelling a bit more for premium and paid iOS apps, then you can rest assure your ship will sail smooth.

With the tech giants shifting to the apple model of one company making both hardware and software, this tell us that Apple is doing things right. But the upper crest price tag does question the offerings. Well, one cannot overlook that Android platforms run on as many different phones as possible making iOS limited to just the iPhone — which do not come cheap or in dirt price for any ordinary Joe to willy nilly buy one.

So, Android does get few punches more points over iOS. Android might have sometimes won the battle to iOS, but it has definitely not won the war.

I have personally used to both Android and iOS and it is a tuff decision to decide one winner. The requirement of the user is a subjective thing. Therefore, it truly depends on the lies, dislikes, and requirement of the user. Some really find iOS a better OS than an Android, and some feel otherwise. It depends on the kind of user you are…

I have put few more illustration below – funny as they are – they have been circulating on the internet for quite a while. I have put few funny photographs down by illustrators that show the on going battle between the two competing companies.

Apple Attacking Android With Its Powerful Jaws

Rest is upto you guys. Comment below your opinions. Written above is just one of the many shared opinions, yours can be different than this and can also very much be true.

So, do share your thoughts and opinions, or any facts that you would know. Mention any points we might have missed out and have not mentioned on this post.



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