What is Tachiyomi?

“Tachiyomi”, in Japanese language, literally means “to stand and read” or “standing and reading”. It means the act or practice of going to a bookshop and reading magazines or books or Mangas while standing. Most of the bookstores, out of Japan, are comparatively not so much open to the idea of a customer practicing ‘Tachiyomi‘. Acceptance level for this kind of practice is much higher in Japan compared to other countries, especially more for Magazines, nowadays, than for Mangas. We generally see Mangas put under sealed plastic covers to avoid Manga geeks from reading the entire issue for free. Furthermore, we will read more on “What is Tachiyomi App?” and “How To Download Tachiyomi App?”

Have you come across this sign saying – ‘立ち読みをご遠慮ください。’?

This question is for the ones who read Japanese and also visit bookstores. This sign means ‘please refrain from standing and reading’, but is very rarely spotted, and book owners don’t make a big deal a scene out of it.

I have also noticed how sales representatives, or you can say an unfriendly guy, pops out of nowhere, from between the shelves, and knocks you with a question, such as, “Would you be buying this book?” Other little decent ones ask you, “Can I help you with any book?”, which is still better than the first creepy one. Not so much the case in Japan, but only comparatively.

What is Tachiyomi App?

‘Tachiyomi App’ or Tachiyomi Android App is a ‘free and open-source’ Manga reader for Android users. It is like how the name of the app is intended to be — like walking in a huge bookstore with a plethora of books to read from, picking up a manga issue and reading it while still standing, with the interactions that occasionally happen with other Manga readers in the store. It is mostly known to avid Manga readers compared to newbies who are still kept busy with apps such as Manga Rock, Manga Reader, Crunchy Roll, etc.

Its online and offline reading feature lets you avoid interruptions from reading even when the internet is down. It provides you categories to organize your library, makes filtering chapter very easy, and allows multiple viewers and settings to configure the reader as per your comfort and ease. MyAnimeList Support is the golden egg for this app. The decent feature of this app is its ability to resume from the next unread chapter. Furthermore, you can go ahead and schedule searching for more and better updates of this app.

Tachiyomi Android App
Tachiyomi App Android Bersion Relase Updates on GitHub

Is Tachiyomi App Safe?

How To Download Tachiyomi Apk?

I have provided a step guide on “How to download Tachiyomi App on your Android devices”. Follow the instructions carefully, and rest will take care of itself.

1. Go to Github website.
2. In the latest version of the app section, for example: “Tachiyomi v0.6.3” section, check for a subsection called “downloads”.
3. Now, just check for a hyperlink called “tachiyomi-v0.6.3.apk”.
4. Tap it, and it should start downloading on your phone.

I hope this has helped. We will add more information on this page with more research and suggestions from the comment section from users.  We will also add a pictorial guide on this post in few days. I will writing a post on the list of problems and solutions to this app in another post. So, please comment and give your valuable inputs to make this post more helpful to readers.

There is a list of Manga readers for Android and iOS users out there, but Tachiyomi App is only available for Android. Many Manga Android readers or iOS readers are free and many of them have a nominal cost for purchase.

‘Manga Android Apps’ such as Manga Rock, Manga Reader, Crunchy Roll Manga, Nook, Manga Zone, etc are really good apps to start with, however, Tachiyomi is a notch above the rest – like a different species of Manga reader.

How to use Tachiyomi App?


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    You can also download it through FDroid for automatic updates and/or the dev preview version.

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