Have you ever wondered about the difference between a poet and a lyricist? Despite many similarities, their creative process and method differs a lot. A poet breaths life into words without using a tune or fitting it in a tune, whereas a lyricist writes lyrics by molding words according to the tune.

Who is a Poet?

A person who documents his imagination and expressions in words. A poet may describe himself as such or be described as such by others. A poet is basically a writer of poetry, or may perform their art in front of the audience, which is called slam poetry. A poet is an artist is basically someone who either communicates his/her thoughts from his/her perspective or from others’. Their observation and particular occasion or place, or figuratively. Poets have existed since vestige, in practically all dialects, and have created works that shift extraordinarily in various societies and periods.

Who is a Lyricist?

A person who writes lyrics or words for the songs including music, harmony, melody, arrangement and accompaniment as opposed to a composer is known as a lyricist. A lyricist’s pay gets from eminences gotten from unique tunes. Eminences may go from 50% of the melody in the event that it was composed essentially with the author, or less on the off chance that they composed the tune in joint effort. Melodies are naturally copyrighted when they are in substantial structures, for example, a chronicle or sheet music.

Let’s roll on to what’s: the difference between these two poets and a lyricist.

                  The lyrics are words that make up a song that consists of chorus and verses. The writer of the song lyrics is a lyricist and the poems are the peace of writing in which words are chosen for their beauty and sound and that are arranged carefully, in short lines that rhyme. And the people who write poems are poets. 

                    Both of these are forms of art. A poem can be transferred into lyrics just because we have to sing it with added emotions, music and connecting rhyme at the end of each line. A poem is for reading purpose and a song consists of lyrics that are for a listening purpose.

So the biggest difference between these two is that poets attempt to put words into their internal perception of a subject, while lyricists attempt to externalize the perception of their subject to reach the masses. You will also emulate the sort of sensations that a poem can evoke for the poet that wrote it, especially if it is chock full of imagery or metaphor. But it is much easier to emulate the feelings that lyrics of a song evoke due to their being accomplished by the peaks and valleys of the sound itself. Therefore poem is more of an intimate personal art unlike lyricist which is intimate cultural.

The Difference between Poet and Lyricist:

Poet is one who creates a poem irrespective of the scenario where it is adapted. It is specially created for describing the specific thing, person or scenario in a positive or a negative way. Every word of the poem without any rhymes or lyrics have its own effect.Lyricist is one who writes songs specially for the movies or albums, here the writings are focused on the given scenario of the movie. It is given for creating an effective environment to listen to any song or poem etc.
Poets can depend on readers being able to stop and go back ,even to look up words while reading the poem, unlike lyricists.A lyrics is an event that is directed to the ear so for that concern rhyming of words is important because it provides a roadmap for the ear.
Visual cue is the end line of the poetry , a line can also be ended by the poet and then also the line can be continued which may create a tense situation but no worries it won’t create any mess in poetry. A lyricist has extremely limited space to work. Normal songs that are commercial songs, lasting for two to three minutes, limit space dramatically. It does not count the lyrics that have repeated chorus or refrains, where the average commercial song contains as long as it is to be needed.
The compositional strategies of poets are different dramatically from the lyricist’s. The vast majority of poems are in fixed form, blank verse or free verse. Older ballade poetry sometimes uses repetition, but note that it has been performed and even directed to the ear rather than the eye.Unlike poems, lyrics are dependent on rhythms because the rhythm of a lyrics is joined to musical rhythm, as musical rhythms can extend the syllable’s length or syncopate its rhythm. 

Differences Between a Poet and a Lyricist in Lyrics:

As it mentioned above that poetry (poem) is created or written by poet and a song lyrics is written down by lyricist. Now a days many musical artists present their song lyrics as poetry, this not only reflects the commercial move on their part but a desire for the words they write to be that is to be taken seriously. The poems are truly taught for understanding the good and bad  in the schools and colleges and made a part of the canon of literature, where on the other hand songs mostly popular ones usually are not. 

Differences Between a Poet and Lyricist in History:

Poetry is a form of art that is in the form of written text.  In the olden days the poetry was believed to have been sung or recited, employed as a way of remembering oral history, law and genealogy.  Many ancient works from the Vedas (1000-1500 BC) to the odyssey (675-800 BC) have been composed in poetic form to aid memorization and oral transmission. Even poetries has a great history in general and has a long history dating back to Vedic times. The Indian poetries were basically written in many Indian languages like Vedic Sanskrit, classical Sanskrit, Telegu, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi etc.

  • William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tgore, Robert Frost, Walt Whiteman are some of the greatest poets of all time.

Lyricists have transformed from being servants to others to the master of his or her own domain. For many years of time the lyricist was in effect a hired gun. Lyricist also worked for publishers and created material that other people would perform. In the 1960’s primarily due to the impact of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. That is not that there were not successful singers or lyricists before or that some genres of music , other pop. Country and folk music were most notable in this regard so some of the reigning icons og lyricist were aligned with their field.

  • Taylor Swift, Leonard Cohen, Javed Akhtar, Amitabh Bhattacharya etc. are some of the well known lyricists.

Differences Between a Poet and Lyricist in Education:

Poets of earlier times were often well read and highly educated people while others were to a large extent self-educated. A few poets such as John Gower and John Milton were able to write poetry in more than one language. Adam Mickiewicz, the greatest poet of Polish language, wrote a Latin ode for emperor Napoleon III. Another example is Jerzy Pietrkiewicz, a Polish poet. When he moved to Great Britain, he ceased to write poetry in Polish, but started writing novels in English. He also translated poetry from English and into English.

Lyricists normally function as independent authors and on different undertakings for numerous customers. A few lyricists may decide to offer their verses to set up performers or musicians. As per the BLS, managers who recruit proficient essayists for full-time positions ordinarily lean toward candidates with four year college educations in English, interchanges, or related fields. Albeit a lyricist works in a particular specialty inside the composing business, managers commonly still lean toward degree holders. Projects that focus on exploratory writing or songwriting may offer better proficient planning. Normal courses in experimental writing degree projects may incorporate verse, screenwriting, imaginative genuine, playwriting, fiction, and scholarly investigation.

                         So here the above article has given a brief information about what are major and minor differences between a poet and a lyricist. Even though these both professions have many similarities, although there are many major differences which are really very important for this generation to understand. Poets and song lyricists are both important components of the art industry as the poet keeps alive that legacy of old legendary poets and song lyricists keep maintaining the legacy of great song that the entertainment industry has given us for a longer period of time.

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