What is the Difference between Copyright Images and Royal Free Images


Before we jump into the difference between copyright and royalty free images, let’s understand what they are.

What are Copyright Images?

Copyright images or photographs means the right of an owner or producer over his or her created photograph. Copyright allows the creator to reap royalties from his or her photograph. Copyright prohibits the use of images by non-creators and keeps this right only for creators—hence, saving their work. If you are running a blog or a news website, you can subscribe to image stock providers such as Getty Images, Ap Images, etc., which provides you with the permission to use the photographs if you have subscribed to them on a monthly or yearly basis.

What are Royalty Free Images?

On the other hand, Royalty Free Images are free to use and are commonly put in public domain websites. Some images are only for use and some also provide modification before use—which is an option you can choose from. Creative Commons is a website that helps you find a wide variety of free images on the internet—for personal as well as commercial use. It even helps you fetch free images from Google or Wikipedia and is widely used by bloggers—both amateur and professionals.


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