Olga Tokarczuk Wins Man Booker Prize 2018 for her Novel ‘Flights’

One of the best-known authors of Poland, Olga Tokarczuk bags 2018’s most prestigious Man Booker International Prize award for her brilliant fiction novel entitled ‘Flights’.

Tokarczuk’s translator, Jennifer Croft, translated her fiction novel into English. So, this doesn’t go without saying that Tokarczuk will be splitting the cash prize worth $67,000 with her translator.

In London, as the winner was announced at a ceremony, the head judge Lisa Appignanesi remarked, “Tokarczuk is a writer of wonderful wit, imagination, and literary panache.”

Tokarczuk has written eight novels and two short story collections. Tokarczuk is also the recipient of the German-Polish International Bridge Prize. She is a professional psychologist who considers herself a disciple of Carl Jung. She has a collection of poems entitled Miasta w lustrach (“Cities in Mirrors”) and a book of stories and essays entitled ‘House of Day, House of Night’.

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