#MeToo Tops Instagram’s Most Used Hashtags with 1.5 Million Usage

#MeToo Tops Instagram's Hashtags This Year with 1.5 Million Usage

#MeToo took the world of social media with a storm this year in 2018. As it turns out, it also topped as Instagram’s most used hashtag with 1.5 million usages, as per ‘Instagram Review Report, 2018.’

Countless women came forward with their numerous tragic stories including Bollywood actresses to be a part of the #MeToo movement. We saw many big names involved in this social movement.

#MeToo HashtagBrave women from all across the world actively participated using this Instagram hashtag to spread awareness among the masses. They boldly took names, one after another, in cases of sexual assault/harassment, something we didn’t see coming — we couldn’t ignore it. Soon, it turned into a big social movement, which we couldn’t have envisaged earlier.

The most beautiful thing that happened through this movement is that it encouraged and empowered women to stand up and fight for their right, to fight for injustice. Then it brought about a massive wave of social awareness among people.

Readoscope loves social awareness and supports #MeToo!


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