Indian Literary Magazines For Creative Writing, Print

Print Literary Journals for Creative Writing in India

We have more literary magazines for creative writing in India now than compared to a decade back. There are many which publish both in print and online. Print magazines have also seen some progress since, with magazines such as The Caravan, Asia Literary Review, Kitaab and Spark Magazine have stepped-up their platforms to promote more creative writing for Indian writers writing in English.

A decade back, it would be a struggle to find good journals, to submit to, in India, but that has completely changed now. There are more than 25 Indian Literary Magazines and journals in India now writing about the subcontinent, and the count is increasing every year. I have listed below literary journals and magazines for creative writing in print:

Literary Magazines for Creative Writing In India, Purely In Print

I have handpicked four literary magazines for creative writing that are purely in print, and no web or online, in case if anyone’s curious. Among these four journals or magazines, Sahitya Academi is the most reputed in India, compared even to other print and online magazines in India.


Format: Print; Genres: Poetry, fiction, and translations

Established in 1954, Sahitya Akademi is the most prestigious and reputed literary journal in India. It has been running its bimonthly journal for Indian writing in English and 23 other languages since the last 58 years. 


Format: Print; Genres: Fiction, poetry, novellas, film and theatre scripts

Launched in 2000, The Little Magazine publishes contemporary South Asian writing in all genres possible. Furthermore, it publishes novellas and scripts, which is quite rare compared to other magazines and journals. 

Editors: Antara Dev Sen and Pratik 


Format: Print; Genres: Fiction and poetry

Desi Writers Lounge showcases writing from South Asia by publishing their biannual themed magazine

Editors: You can view their entire editorial board here.


Format: Print; Genres: Short fiction (1,200 to 4,000 words) and poetry (less than 400 words)

Reading Hour is also purely into print and publishes short fiction bimonthly in their print journal

There are a couple of literary journals and magazines that are both into print and online, but we have avoided listing them over here to maintain a list of journals which are solely into print, and not into online publishing.


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