A List of Literary Magazines to Submit Creative Writing in India

A decade back, there were hardly any literary magazines to submit creative writing in India. We have, since then, seen a tremendous flow of new literary platforms being created all across India.

And now, we have more than 30 literary magazines and journals including both Print and Online, respectively, with at least 10 of them producing a substantial amount of new writing.

In the ’70s, one of the most well-known poets, Jayanta Mahapatra, started a journal of Indian Writing in English ‘Chandrabhaga’, a dedicated magazine for Indian poetry. For years, it provided a platform for Indian writers.

There were many established poets who got their first poems published in that magazine. Today, there is a growing number of literary magazines in the subcontinent that is either devoted to creative writing or run regular sections of original work.

We have put together a list of a few other magazines that are interested in creative writing from the subcontinent. These magazines are either based in India or actively seek work with a connection to the place.

A hand-picked list of literary magazines to submit creative writing in India:


Format: Print
Genres: Poetry, fiction, and translations

By far, Sahitya Akademi is the most prestigious literary journal in India. It was established in 1954 and has been running its bimonthly journal ever since. It has been publishing creative writing in Indian writing in English and 23 other languages since last 58 years.


Format: Online
Genre: Fiction (stories between 1,000 and 4,000 words)

Out of Print Magazine is a quarterly online journal that publishes short fiction of Indian writers every quarter: March, June, September and December, and publishes work with a connection to the Indian subcontinent. It was founded by Indira Chandrasekhar, the author of Polymorphism, and first released in September 2010.

Editors: Indira Chandrasekhar, Leela Levitt, Samhita Arni, and Ram Sadasiv


Format: Print
Genres: Fiction, poetry, novellas, theatre and film scripts

The Little Magazine is a bimonthly print magazine that has been publishing contemporary South Asian writing since 2000. It publishes full-length novellas and scripts besides short fiction and poetry.

Editors: Antara Dev Sen and Pratik Kanjilal


Formats: Print and online
Genres: Poetry, fiction (short stories with maximum 5,000 words), and translations

The Caravan is an Indian magazine of politics and culture, devoted to long-form narrative journalism. It publishes fiction (short stories) and poetry on both of their print and online platforms.


Format: Online
Genres: Poetry, fiction, and travelogues

Aainanagar publishes poetry, fiction and travelogues on their online literary magazine. The nature of the works they take focuses on activism, literature, and art.


Format: Online
Genres: Poetry, fiction, and translations

Indian Review is an online magazine which publishes poetry, fiction and translations by writers whose writing reflects the transient nature of our times.

Editors: Tyrron Leo Whyte, Prabhat Bora, Bijit Borthakur, Lyra Neog Bora, and Leontia Whyte


Format: Print and online
Genres: Poetry and fiction

Based out of New York City and Mumbai, The Bombay Review publishes poetry and short fiction on their bimonthly online magazine, with annual print anthologies.

Editors: Kaartikeya Bajpal, Ushnav Shroff, and Huda Merchant


Format: Online
Genres: Poetry and fiction

The Bangalore Review publishes original fiction and poetry on their online literary magazine. Although they publish established writers, they focus more on publishing work by new and emerging writers.

Editor: Arvind Radhakrishnan


Format: Online
Genres: Poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction

The Madras Mag is an online magazine based out of Madras which publishes poetry, fiction and narrative non-fiction. They dedicatedly promote new literary voices and also publish the work of established writers.

Editor: Krupa Ge


Format: Print
Genres: Fiction and poetry

Papercuts runs a print biannual themed magazine which publishes creative writing of Asian writers with a connection to the Indian subcontinent.

Editors:  To Know about the Editors


Format: Print
Genres: Short fiction (1,200 to 4,000 words) and poetry (less than 400 words)

Reading Hour is a bimonthly print journal that publishes short fiction and poetry related to the subcontinent.

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