How to Number Pages in Word? — MS Word


I have been using MS Word for quite some time, but hardly ever needed to work on numbering pages in word.

Once it happened, the first book I got to edit from the publishing house I was working in, had page numbering errors — some words were missing, some were skipped.

Till then I had never numbered any pages in MS Word. It looked complex at first, all those tabs and buttons, but when a colleague, who paginated manuscripts into books, showed me a very simple way to fix it.

Inserting page numbers in MS Word is very simple. It seems complicated at first only because we haven’t used this feature previously.

First, you have to open up your word document.

Now, to insert or add page number, you got to switch over to “Insert” tab which is placed right next to the “Home” tab.

Click on the “Page Number” button that is placed on the top bar in the middle next to “Header and Footer”.

A drop down menu with show up with some options to select the position of the page numbers—top of the page, bottom of the page, and so on. The last menu lit up with red colour text “Remove page numbers” helps remove page numbers from any document.

On the drop down, hover on any first four options which open up gallery giving you a general idea of how the page numbers will look on your page.

Choose an option that suits you and click on it. MS Word will now automatically number all the pages of your document in the style that you chose from the gallery which opens from the first four option in  the drop down.

After you insert page numbers in word, the header and the footer area automatically opens up at the top or bottom of the page. You can further make addition changes around your new page numbers.

Once the numbering pages in words is successfully complete, you can go back to your document by simply tapping on the “Close Header & Footer” button or double-clicking anywhere in your document — outside the header or footer area.

Above is the simple way to adding page numbers in MS Word. Now you know it’s really not that difficult. Practice it a handful of time and you are good to go.


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