How to Cancel Audible Membership or Subscription

As luring as listening to your favourite audiobooks sounds, redeeming book credits and listening to it doesn’t seem possible when we fall short of time. This is why, many of us are looking for a way to cancel Audible membership or subscription, whatever you wanna call. Below is a step by step guide to do so:

How to Cancel Audible on iPhone or Android?

Unfortunately, there is no option available at the moment to cancel Audible subscription directly from mobile iPhone or Android phones. However, you can go to the desktop site to do the needful.

How to Cancel Audible?

The only option available at the current moment to cancel Audible is given below with a step-by-step instruction:

1. Go to

When you type audible on Google, you will find a link that goes with the name If you searching from any other country outside USA, you can type the country as well. Click on the link and go to the website.

2. Login into your Audible Members’ Account

As the page loads, you will see an option to Sign-In to your membership account.

3. Spot an Arrow

When you open the account page, you will see an arrow at the top of your homepage.

4. Hover your Cursor over the Arrow

Upon hovering your cursor over the arrow, you will spot a drop down option.

5. You will see a Drop Down Menu

The drop down menu will have all your account information and other options.

6. Click on your Audible Account Details

All your details will pop right on the screen once you click onto your account details.

7. Open Account Details Credit

Once you open your account details, you will see what subscription plan you are currently on and how many audiobook credits you have in total.

8. An Option to Switch your Membership Plan on Audible

In case, you find that your current plan is not meeting your needs, you can easily switch onto other plans by clicking on ‘Switch Membership’. A better plan will allow you more book credits per month.

9. Click on Cancel Audible Membership

If you don’t want to enroll into a better Audible membership plan, you have an option to cancel the membership.

10. Reason for Cancellation in a Multiple-Choice Form

A multiple choice form will appear asking you to select an option which describing your reason for cancellation. Click on any one of the suitable reasons listed out.

FYI: If you haven’t yet used your AUDIBLE credits, you will lose all of them upon cancelling Audible subscription.

11. Click on the Cancellation Button

When you click on the cancel button, they will ask you to reconsider cancelling it. However, if you have really made up your mind, you can ignore this an just go ahead with the cancellation.

Audible audiobooks are unabridged ones, and not abridged. There is a clear difference between the both.

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