You don’t need perfect pitch, great vocals, an amazing voice, funky rhythm also you are not supposed to master yourself in any type of instrument like guitar. If you find interest in the Music industry though you don’t have any incredible skills related to the music then also it is possible to build a career as a Music manager in this industry. There are lots of opportunities in this field. In further context we will come to know about that .

Music manager : Apart from recording work, performance and writing music manager is responsible for the aspects of an artist’s career. The tasks include the shows, performances , venues where the artist is going to perform. 

The work that is carried out by the music manager – A music manager works with record labels, Logistics, cultivation of a fanbase, paper work . 

The person can get into music management industry and making himself a music manager –

Can work for the industry professionals who are currently existing in the industry, Identify those brands who are great but keep one thing in mind that those brands are not established because well established brands have already hired someone else. You can easily offer yourself as a manager to the unestablished brands.

  • If you are looking for a career in Music management Industry as an music manager then you have to keep in mind it takes lots of effort and there is a lot of work involved in this industry. A person who is promoting your music is also a manager and he/she is dependent on you. That person should be able to figure out the best in you.
  • If you think that your manager or the person with whom you are working is not disciplined and not up to the task then it’s high time to find new people with whom you can make your career. Because this field requires lots of discipline and tasks would be completed on time.
  • Though you have a manager or a good team with whom you are working, a music manager should possess these five skills .
  1. A responsible music manager :

A music manager should be responsible and should know to take his responsibilities. As I mentioned in the beginning this field requires a lot of discipline. During the event or big stage performance it is made sure that everything goes in a smooth manner and nothing is jumbled or messed up. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the studio, road or carrying out your rehearsal. 

  1. Music manager should have a understanding in Music promotion :

When it comes to music promotion a music manager should carry out his tasks without saying or baby steps. A music manager should understand how music promotion works, how it takes place. For that a music manager should have a proper knowledge of Music industry. A manager who is pro at level should follow the trends which are running latest in the music industry, should have awareness of upcoming artists also the growing artist in the industry so that music can be promoted in a best way.

I do agree it becomes little tuff to promote something when you have least knowledge about the industry. When you interview a manager you should make sure that you ask more questions . By asking plenty of questions will help you to test the knowledge of a person who is for the interview. Also you will come to know how much that person knows about the music industry.

  1. A manager should keep himself neutral :

As the band’s disagreements increase, the quarrels also increase in tea. But a music manager should know how to handle the situation by keeping himself neutral. Your manager should never get in the middle of disagreement. The manager should simply focus on how the argument can be dispelled. During the internal disputes when a manager tries to take sides then the people of the band starts showing signs of grudge. If you are working solo then it is not compulsory that you should have only these types of skills but on the other hand a solo artist also has to work with the band labels, producers and musicians.

  1. A music manager should qualify skills of people / people skills :

Having people skills is one of the greatest skills a music manager can have. People skills help you out with the negotiation with the record labels. Also they are responsible for the music promotion. They works with other people who are involved in music industry , venue owners and radio stations. 

So for this you will be requiring quality skills. A shy attitude won’t work in this field.

  1. A manager  should be Multitasking :
    If you are stepping in any field which has higher career opportunities than it will be requiring multitasking people. In the same way a band manager should also be multitasking and should know how to manage all the tasks simultaneously. This is not applicable for the managers who are working with major bands. In the start of the band your manager will be handling the work of music promotion by keeping you focused towards your goals and dreams. 

The given table represents skills, salary structure and qualification required to become a music manager.

QualificationsBachelor’s degree or Master’s degree. Music management of business administration is recommended.
SkillsCommon sense, business skills, strong communication skills.
Salary structure$ 75000 for artist managers and performers 

Most of the music managers work on commission basis. It means they receive a cut of total client’s revenue . This model is very similar to those artist managers who are working in the film industry. Usually they work on the agreement which is made by shaking hands but ideally it is preferred that a proper contract should be made before the work starts. 

What are the steps to get a music manager with required skills –

  • If your music manager doesn’t have these skills  then you are on a long road with lots of rocks. I hope you have not signed the contract which will end up your life getting nothing.
  • If it is possible from any way or source try to hire a new music manager. If till now you have not hired any manager  for the band then keep these skills in your mind. These are the characteristics that you should consider while hiring a manager.
  • So, now the question is – how to get a music manager with the required skills ?

One of the best ways to know how much they know about this industry is to ask more questions. By doing this you will get a clarity of how much the person knows about the field.

  • If you are still in doubt about hiring that person you can coordinate with rosters and other artists. This is only possible if you have done your job with the artists with whom you worked in the past. You also have to see that they don’t have any problem in coordinating you with other musicians with whom they worked in previous.  

Here are some additional skills which a Music manager can pursue in order to build a career in Music industry –

  • A music manager should be honest with the work.
  • A music manager should have a potential to multi task the work
  • A music manager should be literate in the terms of finance
  • A music manager should have a DIY spirit so that he can create opportunities for clients.
  • A music manager should be fluent with the artistic language of music
  • Relentless drive
  • A music manager should have connections with the whole industry
  • A music manager should be passionate about the artist management

So from the whole context we came to know about the music managers, we also learned what are the skills required to become a music manager , we learned about the qualification criteria, additional skills and salary structure of a music manager. Qualities that an ideal music manager should possess is a neutral attitude , calm attitude in order to avoid  quarrels and getting himself middle in any personal dispute and also this helps a music manager to avoid being judged by other people. 

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