This is a list of pure and unique top 7 Manga and Anime apps, but also the one that covers almost all your requirements. So don’t go out willy-nilly searching for novels, only anime apps and American or British comic apps…

Only if you haven’t heard of ‘Manga’: It is a name that refers to Japanese comics and it is an integral part of their culture. Some reports said that, on a yearly basis, Japan uses more paper for printing Manga compared to making toilet papers for their entire population. If you are an avid manga reader, you must have been already using the app on your device or have been looking for better ones out there. There are a few good manga apps that is really worth using for daily manga reading purposes.

I have handpicked good ones, a few unique ones, and have mentioned them in this listicle. We haven’t included Tachiyomi App in this list, so we will be writing about it separately, soon.

Top 7 Manga & Anime Apps For Android & iOS:

The first two apps are both Editor’s choice apps and have been put with details to the instruction. Both of these apps cover the best of what one can get with manga and animes. If you have this, you wouldn’t probably need another app to fill in your device. Few other apps, as good as possible, are listed below with their respective qualities, features, benefits and issues.

1. Manga Rock: by Not A Basement Studio JSC (Free/Paid)

Manga Rock, available for both iOS and Android, is to simply put: the best app that I have come across, for reading manga in specific. It provides access to a plethora of English translation manga sources such as Manga Reader, Batoto, MangaFox, MangaHere, and MangaEden. Language is not at all a limit for this app, as it offers 6 other languages but through their own sources. You can make your favourites list of manga, which then gets updated whenever a new chapter arrives.

This app offers white to blue as an indication of your last read chapter and downloading chapters feature for later read. The paid version even allows you to access unlimited download; plus it is ad-free, although, the ad in the free version doesn’t bother much as it appears at the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, it provides a “recent” button for your recent app activities, vertical and horizontal read, brightness adjustment, zoom in zoom out option, and backup and restore as well, in all devices. Immersive reading is an issue as they haven’t yet introduced this feature in the app. However, their update cycle is really fast!

2. Crunchyroll Manga (Paid)

If you like to seamlessly stream the largest source of English subtitled animes, you don’t have to look for any other app than this, however, a $6.95 per month subscription is what it requires, and you have a guaranteed access all of their animes, all just in one app. The icing on the cake here is that this one monthly subscription extends your way to stockpile full of manga. This means you pay once a month to avail all the legitimate animes and manga you can find on the internet.

Last but not the least, this simulpub set up, which I suppose everyone who has subscribed gets, allows you to get popular mangas very quickly. Therefore, the update cycle of this app is aces in the book. The latest version of this app comes with a new immersive guided view that allows manga readers to read the manga frame by frame, without any distraction to zoom in or zoom out.

3. Manga Reader (Free)

Manga Reader, although free, is really worth a shot. It offers 3 selective reading modes to choose from, simple and reliable search options, huge 30 titles and collections, easy navigation through their interesting design material, some good organizational features and filters, cloud sync, and more, definitely more. This is one of the apps that you can utilize if you are low on cash and want to read something for free.

4. MangaZone (Free)

This one hell of a decent app comes free of any charge, and features an easy search option, 15,000 titles to choose from the shelf, clean interface and design material, settings for customized comfort reading, a chat section to make conversations with other fans, etc. It won’t be as good as reading an app with a paid subscription or full version. We would love you see you paying for some of these mangas, at least.

5. Viz Media (Free)

First and foremost, to mention it to you all, Viz Media is a genuine manga publisher. Their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for Android platform is widely known and appreciated by manga fans. They offer you two free apps to download: manga app and Naruto-specific manga app, however, they have few in-app purchase option which they will be suggesting you pay for. This app is not all perfect, needs some updates and changes for a better experience.

6. Zingbox (Free)

This simple and decent app makes it on the list for its ability to download manga chapters for offline reading from its huge library collection. It supports over 10 languages, gets a minimalistic appearance, and frequent updates. It is completely free of cost and apt for beginners looking for minimal manga reading experience.

7. Nook (Free)

Quite similarly like Amazon’s Kindle and Google Play Books, this Barnes & Noble platform app packs a lot of e-book materials, which you will have to pay and download in order to purchase. But this is not why I have mentioned this app in the first place. This app lets you create profiles, come in contact with other profiles and lend each other books even if they’re digital. An experience like this hard to find! It has decent features such as syncing, decent manga collection, and a variety of reading modes and settings.

Other Manga Apps and Anime Apps That Are Not On The List

I haven’t mentioned Kindle or Google Play as they offer more than a manga, this app does too, but boy, I had mentioned the lending feature for manga and other books. So, I will place it as a last of the list.

There are few good apps such as ComicRack, Perfect viewer, but they are not purely set for Manga as they keep other comics as well. If you need any recommendation as to what to read next or even to find some amazing manga or anime to watch, try Animo Anime and Manga. Boasted to be the biggest hub for fans of manga, anime, cosplay, etc — this app is built purely with an idea to explore and discover new stuff through recommendations from its social network.

You will not get any manga to read here, but it can help you discover new ones that you are completely missing out on, or you can simply talk about the ones you have read with others and vice versa.

I haven’t mentioned a few other apps as they closely offer the same value as the apps mentioned above and also because I wouldn’t want to confuse you with unnecessary options of apps to choose from. I have provided the ones that cover almost everything you are looking for.

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