‘Manhua’ is the Chinese name for comics, similar to ‘Manga’ for Japanese. Their form and style differ massively from each other.

‘Manhua’ and ‘Manga’ differ in various aspects.

Manhua’s art is colourful and lively. On one hand, you have coloured one as well as sketched ones. On the other hand, artworks done in Manga is more about sketching and detailing and classics are always predominantly black and white.

Manuha sketches lack detailing when it comes to expressing emotions compared to Mangas, but not the case when with the coloured ones.

One chapter of Manga is equivalent to two chapters of Manhua, owing to their differences in arts.

Overall, Manga seems to acquire more finesse and beauty and simplicity compared to Manhua. It looks more sophisticated in its design and flow compared to Manhua, which seems to be bombarded with a lot of colour.

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