Beginners and those people who are into the designing work often search about the difference between Coreldraw and Photoshop. According to my personal opinion both the software programs are good at their own places. But you might be having a slight confusion about the exact difference between Coreldraw and Photoshop. However, these softwares work as a helping hand for the people who are into web designing, graphic designing and such related design fields. Further context will help you spot the difference between Coreldraw and Photoshop.

Let us understand Coreldraw first.

This software is marketed and developed by the Corel corporation. It is a software program which is based on Windows and used by graphic designers. Coreldraw is a vector graphic image creator which edits and creates images systematically and mathematically. The vector images are constructed using mathematical formulas.

Now, let’s understand Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is designed for enhanced image editing and produces rich results. This software program is designed for the Windows system and Mac. It works as a helping hand when it comes to motion graphics and creating images. This software program is mostly used by graphic designers, photographers and professionals.

Given below table will help you to spot the differences between CorelDraw and Photoshop:

This software is developed by the Corel Corporation which helps a graphic designer in editing work. It is basically a Corel’s graphic suite. Photoshop is developed by the system of Adobe. It is used on a wide scale for image manipulation and image editing.
CorelDraw works on mathematics and it is a program based on vector graphics. Photoshop is based on the pixels and it is used for the graphics which are vector based.
CorelDraw has nothing to do with the pixels of pictures; it only focuses on the vector art. It is used in the manipulation work in very detail. It has to do with the pixels of the images.
Apart from being used for vector art, it can be used to create logos, business cards, visiting cards, pamphlets and banners, etc.It is used for the manipulation of the image and editing works like colour adjustments, correction in pictures, etc.
This software is used by web designers and graphic designers. This software is mostly used by the photographers, graphic designers and professionals. 

Let us understand in more details about the basics of Coreldraw and Photoshop:

Basics of Corel Draw:

CorelDraw is a very basic and widely used software program. It is used in vector graphics work especially for designing pamphlets, business cards, visiting cards, banners and it is basically used by graphic designers and web designers. It is based on the Windows graphic operating system. In a robust graphic suite it is one of the image editing software programs which is also known as Corel’s Graphic Suite. 

Basics of Photoshop:
Photoshop is also a very commonly and widely used software program. However, it is an integral tool for Photography professionals and hobbyists. It helps to add grand visuals elements to the photos and websites. Photoshop is mostly used for photo manipulation and editing. This software program runs on Windows as well as Mac. It is considered a very powerful software which is mainly useful for pixel based graphics as well as vector based graphics. 

Software type of CorelDraw:

CorelDraw is the tool used by graphic and web designers. It totally works on the calculation of mathematics. This algorithm makes processing the images easy for someone working with vector graphic art. It has nothing to do with pixels of images.

Software type of Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is a pixel based software program, a raster program we can say. It is mostly used for the editing of images. As it has a lot to do with pixels, it works as a helping hand for the photographers and designers when it comes to colour adjustments and colour corrections. It’s also handy for interpreting data in pixels too. One can make presentations, infographics, touch ups, etc. in Photoshop which makes it undoubtedly the best softwares till date when it comes to editing images.

Use of Coreldraw:

In order to create a successful vector artwork you will need Coreldraw as it supports vector art very smoothly. This software program is mainly used by professionals to make business logos, business cards, pamphlets, banners, hoardings and many more such design products. Its vector graphics illustrations make print layout feasible. 

Use of Photoshop:

All the creative work related to the pixels is done in Photoshop. Editing and photo manipulations apart from resizing, cropping, colour corrections and adjustments can all be brought about in Photoshop. It fulfills all the requirements of photographers on every level. 

The given table represents the differences on the Key terminologies in CorelDraw and Photoshop:

ToolBoxTool Panel
Colour PaletteSwatches Panel
Object PropertiesLayer options
Clip masksLayer masks
ResampleImage size
Property BarControl panel
Paper sizeCanvas size
Merge modesBlend modes
Lenses Adjustment layers

Features of CorelDraw :

  1. GU Interface
  2. Stylus are very power
  3. Search and font filtering
  4. Font manager of corel
  5. Multi-monitor
  6. Healing clone tools
  7. Live sketch tool
  8. Gaussian Blur feature

  Features of Photoshop :

  1. Quick menu for sharing
  2. Access to lightroom pictures
  3. Panorama workflow 360
  4. Panels off properties
  5. Kyle. T brush
  6. Stroke smoothing
  7. Paint symmetry
  8. Layers which are copied and pasted
  9. Tooltips
  10. Curvature pen tool

    Price of Corel draw :
    The price of CorelDraw is a bit lower as compared to Photoshop .

Price of Adobe Photoshop :

The price of Photoshop is higher as compared to CorelDraw.

CorelDraw is used for quantity works :

CorelDraw is a graphic suite and it is used to design the works in quantity. It is an industry acclaimed software from  industry. 

Photoshop is a leading software :

Photoshop is a world’s leading software which is used for the designing work and development of images. 

CorelDraw is available in several languages :

CorelDraw is available in Ten different languages like – English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Italian, Polish and German. 

Photoshop available in  several languages :

Photoshop is available in five different languages like- English, Turkish, French, Dutch and Swedish languages. 

No of pages CorelDraw you to draw :

This is probably one of the best features we get from the CorelDraw that you can create multiple pages in a single format.

No of page Photoshop allows you to draw :

Photoshop allows you to draw only a single page in one format. 

Barcode feature :

CorelDraw allows you to insert Barcode in between the pictures .

Barcode feature :

While Photoshop doesn’t allow you to add Barcode in between the images.

To sum up..

There is not much difference between both of them. Both are great tools given their own features and exclusivity. The two softwares are used to meet different needs which is why it is used by different design professionals. 

CorelDraw is meant for Vector art while Photoshop is for Image processing. All the types of vector artworks such as designing pamphlets, banners, business cards, visiting cards, business logos can be achieved in CoreDraw. Image manipulation and picture editing is achieved by Photoshop. 

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